Github launch for the Cave Pearl Project

A benchmark of sorts for the project today, as I finally got around to setting up a Github for the Cave Pearl Project. As I learn more about coding, and add more sensors to the platform, the scripts for each build have grown well beyond the size that I can squeeze into blog posts on this free WordPress account.  Now the code that I share will be somewhat more readable for other DIY’ers, as Github has a nice formatting scheme. I can also fork (and hopefully contribute back to) other code that is hosted there, as I am always on the lookout for more useful scripts.

Because site stats show me that people Googling individual sensors represent the largest volume of traffic to this blog, I have already posted all of the small “single” sensor scripts. I will work my way through the older datalogger code builds, transferring them to the Github folder in a more or less chronological order. It will take me some time to get that sorted as I will also try to cleanup the formatting a bit in the process.