Project Update: June 19, 2014


All data logging functions are now localized to these interchangeable platforms. Sensors connect via I2C

As I ramp up production for the next round of deployments, I am happy to report that the new crop of logging platforms have all passed bench testing (set RTC, r/w EEprom, r/w SD card, I2C bus coms, etc).  As I have mentioned before, lifting the tiny light sensor board lines is a bit hairy, so I was expecting at least one of these to crap out due to bridging, etc on those tiny traces.

To give them a more realistic workout, I will rotate through these units as I integrate the new sensors into the main codebuild over the next week or so. Hopefully after that I will have enough time for some proper burn tests before we go into the field again.

The 171 holders have so much tension, it usually scratches the battery just putting them in!

The 171 holders have so much tension, it can be a little hard on the fingers putting the batteries in!

There have also been a few tweaks to the power supply modules: I am now using either brass, or nylon bolts wherever possible, and the plastic battery holders have been replaced with aluminum ones from Keystone Electronics.  These holders are easily the strongest ones I have ever seen, should be rugged enough to withstand some serious knocking about.  I still have not really tackled the hard & soft iron calibration issue yet, but hopefully the removal of the stainless parts used in the previous builds will assist compass calibration when I get there.  Still running everything through Shottky diodes, but I have switched over to “Deans” style power connectors after searching the quad-copter forums for something more robust.

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